Software for facilities & property managers

Deliver measured FM outcomes
Manage property and leasing portfolio
Automate systems and processes
Simplify data collection and management
Mitigate risk


Measure, Analyse & Communicate

Comprehensive analytical reporting to measure the outcomes of your FM activity and processes.

The integrated nature of WSM provides the modern facility manager with an extensive range of data in a variety of formats to efficiently and clearly communicate the team’s regular successes and overall trends.


Data Visualisation

Quickly gather real time information from the variety of activities undertaken in a facility through you FM software. User friendly tools allow you to access this ever growing pool of valuable data in a multi-dimensional way.



Show the current status of critical elements and activities within the system.

Dashboards centralise this information right where users need to see it.



The reporting capabilities in WSM are extensive and accessible to any level of user. There are over 250 standard reports and this can form the basis of data exports and scheduled status reports to any user, or non-user with an email address.

Manage property and leasing portfolios

Record all aspects of your property protfolio whether they are owned or leased.

Critical dates and other property management information is retained in a logical and structured way to streamline an effective management process.

Automate systems and processes

Build an efficient facilities team by automating the management of regular and critical processes that the facilities and property team undertake.

Automation also effects a consistent approach to every activity that is undertaken, minimising the chance for critical activities to fall through the cracks while ensuring every activity follows best practice every time.


Automate processes so nothing falls through the cracks

Take away the randomness of individuals’ memory or recollections, by leveraging WSM’s ability to automate recurring events regardless of the repetitive cycle times and the job complexity.

Those process cracks in manual and spreadsheet based systems can now be eliminated and significantly improve service levels to your customers and keep track of the improvement.


Continuous improvement and best practice

Process management flexibility (and adaptability) that will not only guarantee consistent FM outcomes but also ensure that best practice can be attained by using the continuous improvement philosophy and method.

The WSM software system lends itself to a gradual maturation of process within an FM team over months and years of use as experimentation and change get implemented into formal processes.

Simplify data collection

Built on the philosophy that data entered once is used again and again throughout the system.

Data management is flexibile, allowing users to bulk load many types of critical data. Web based upload means that supporting documentation of all types and formats can be assigned by users to the work they are requesting or managing.

And the system is designed to cooperatively exchange data with other external systems to supplement the WSM data in real time.

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Mitigate risk

Gain a strategic capability to look at the longer term requirements in asset maintenance or replacement, facility maintenance obligations, recurring works, ESM and other compliance regime management. The user can expose through the location hierarchy areas where high risk (and its history of management) is more prevalent.

Frustrated that facilities management is undervalued in your organisation?

Why is FM often one of the first areas to feel the brunt of budget cuts?

It shouldn't be this way, and isn't a good outcome for facilities managers or the organisations they work for.

The perception is as long as everything is running smoothly, there is no reason to give you any help to better manage your facilities.

In reality effective FM delivers significant results into the bottom line, not just as cost savings but reduced risk exposure to potentially catastrophic outcomes.

The problem is, the great work you do is all largely invisible!

Software and systems is no silver bullet, but when coupled with changes to how FM is approached we believe FM can be turned around from being treated as an overhead and become a key component in the organisations success.

Find out how to overcome the problems faced by facilities managers to gain recognition for their work from the C-Suite.