Enterprise 5.0

FM Innovations develops sophisticated software solutions that are easy to use in order to manage the ever-increasing complexity of the Facility, Property and Asset Management industries.

Our Expertise

Track All FM Activity

Plan and schedule work and services which meet compliance obligations. Stay on top of ad-hoc work issues as they arise. OH&S incident recording.

Manage Contractors

Improve accountability with feedback surveys and provide each contractor with their own exclusive portal where they can manage their work.

Self-Service Provisioning

Users of the facilities are able to raise their own FM requests, with the system directing the service request through the correct response channels.

Portfolio Management

Our property and lease management systems provide a comprehensive method of managing a mixed portfolio of any size.

Room Booking

Whether it's 5 rooms or 5000 rooms, never face a double booking again. Keep track of equipment and room details with streamlined processes that can help even the busiest room managers. 

Vehicle Booking

Our web based application provides for all management aspects of a diverse fleet. Our online booking systems finds you the best vehicle for the job, and keeping track of rental periods has never been easier.

Module Integration

The integration between all modules, designed to seamlessly work hand-in-hand with each other, means all data collected is interrelated, allowing for powerful multidimensional data analysis.

Connect Using Workflows

Keep everyone on the same page by connecting people with the actions they take and the results that occur, in addition to providing them with the right information at the right time for more efficient decisions.